Preferred Customer Maintenance Program

Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling equipment can save you thousands of dollars over the long-haul in energy costs and repairs and is just as important as maintenance to your automobile. Your membership will undoubtedly pay for itself year after year.


Program benefits

  • Priority Customer Status - Straight to The Front of the line

  • Guaranteed Same Day Service

  • Extended Equipment Life

  • No Overtime or Weekends Charges

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service

  • Lower Utility Bills

  • Complete system tune-ups twice a year

  • $10/pound of Refrigerant

  • Discounted service call fees

  • 10% off all repair costs

  • 15% off equipment replacement

  • Discounted Filter Service Rates

Bi-annual Tune-up Includes

  • Test All Safety Controls

  • Clean Evaporator Drain

  • Test Expansion Valve

  • Adjust Any Dampers

  • Clean Condenser Coil

  • Test Compressor 

  • Test Refrigerant Levels

  • Measure Temperature Differences

  • Clean Out Condensate Drain Line

  • Clean Out Humidifier Drain line

  • Check All Electrical Connections

  • Lubricate All Fan Motors

  • Test Start & Run Capacitors

  • Test Start & Run Relays

  • Adjust Operating Pressures

  • Measure all Voltage Readings

  • Check all Fan Blades

  • Measure Gas input

  • Measure Amps Draws On All Motors

  • Set Maifold Pressure

  • Measure Air Flow

  • Test and Inspect All Valves

  • Check Flames Baffle

  • Clean Out Combustion Chamber

  • Inspect heat Exchanger

  • Test Thermocouples

  • Check any Motor Belts & Pulleys

  • Clean out Gas Orifice's

  • Test Thermostat For Proper Operation

  • Test for any gas leaks from line

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

Leave The Dirty Work To Us And Never Lose Your Cool

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