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Gas Fireplace Service & Installation

Providing Quality Installation and World-Class Service 

We take great pride in finding the perfect fireplace solution for you. We have installed fireplaces in  homes of all sizes around Missouri and only sell top of the line products. If you are in the market for a fireplace for your home, contact Stokes Comfort Systems Heating and Cooling today and we can set up a free no obligation consultation.


We install all types of fireplaces in both residential and commercial settings: for new construction, existing structures or remodeling projects.

Repair & Maintenance
Just like your furnace or car, your fireplace needs a little help once in a while.When it comes to operating a fireplace, lack of use is just as bad as overuse, so we encourage you to start your fireplace annually and use it throughout those cold winter months. Just like that furnace or car, preventative maintenance goes a long way to keep your fireplace functioning properly. Give us a call to perform a checkup on your system before the cold creeps in. Whether you call us before or after an issue has developed, our trained technicians are well adept at diagnosing and fixing the problem.
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